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Our history

In March 2021 a word was shared for churches in Wales from a prayer meeting in Redhill, England. The interpretation was that:
Father god through his Holy Spirit:

  • is showing that there is hope for churches in all parts of Wales to work together.
    I think He is asking you to seek this collaboration / partnership as a priority of effort.
  • is recognising the past, but it is that… in the past. The best is yet to come in terms of gospel and ability of the church to make a difference.
    The future church will have its own way, not a re-write of the past plus a bit of something new.
  • is saying that there is beauty and life in the church in Wales now and there is a promise of an increase in these for the future.
  • is saying that activity is needed to assist the work of the Holy Spirit eg what you do as social outreach; forming relationships with other churches in Wales, praying,
    will be vital to His vision for the church in Wales.
  • is showing that as important as it is to concentrate on Wales itself, that it doesn't end there. What He's building for you is for your neighbours too.
    This is not a time for defence but for building where you cannot see how far your work will reach.
an outline of the map of Wales

This word took 2 months to get to the Welsh churches it related to (an administrative error, or God’s sovereign hand), but in the meantime, Ben Franks had had a dream about the Cant i Gymru vision.

It came in the form of a website with the domain name The website asked the question:

"What would it take to see 100 healthy churches planted in Wales in the next 10 years."

There were 5 tabs on the website; Pray, Inspire, Equip, Send, Support - each with a page of strategy/direction for how we might start this new initiative.

This dream and the confirmation of the word were the catalyst for this vision being born.

Ben and Lois spent 2 years grappling with this vision, praying it through and talking to trusted leaders. The more they explored it, the more they sensed God’s hand in it, and so along with their team and leaders from around Wales, they’re stepping out in faith to try and make it a reality.

We now have a leadership team, oversight, and accountability through Waleswide Cymrugyfan and are excited to see how God uses this initiative in the decade ahead.

Our team

100 Churches, 10 years.
What would it take?