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Our vision

Although the spiritual heritage of Wales is rich and vibrant, the current prospects of the church are pretty bleak. A little under 200 years ago, Christmas Evans said about the nation of Wales:

A left quotation mark Perhaps there never has been such a nation as the Welsh who have been won over so widely to the preaching of the gospel. Meeting houses have been erected in each corner of the land and the majority of the common people, nearly all of them, crowd in to listen. There is virtually no other nation whose members have, in such numbers, professed the gospel so widely, in both south Wales and the north.

At the turn of the 20th Century "being a Welshman and being a Christian were virtually synonymous", with over 80% of the population attending chapel.

Today, less than 2% of the population would view themselves as having a living relationship with Jesus. Chapels that were once full now lie derelict and empty.

But there is hope. Thankfully, this is not the first time God’s people have found themselves marginalised, over-run or in decline.

Think of David and Goliath. Standing before a mighty giant who had left the armies of Israel cowering in fear, this humble shepherd boy, stirred by God’s glory and trusting God’s promises, triumphed unexpectedly. The giant fell. God’s glory returned.

Think of the priests who returned to Jerusalem after its devastation. Surrounded by rubble and ruin, the future looked bleak. But the priests imagined a different future; and their Spirit-inspired imagination birthed bold action. In spite of “their fear of the peoples around them, they built the altar on its foundation and sacrificed to the LORD” (Ezra 3:3). The altar was rebuilt. God’s glory returned.

History tells us that when the people of God step out in bold, humble faith, giants are slain, altars are rebuilt and lands are renewed.

This is our dream.

We want to be a generation whose hearts are stirred for the glory of God. We want to be a people of bold, humble faith. We want to rebuild places of God’s presence in the land.

Our values

100 Churches, 10 years.
What would it take?