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Our values

The Gospel

We love Jesus Christ and all He has done for us.


Wales is a nation of many small communities. We believe that the best way to reach these communities with the gospel is to plant new, gospel-centred churches in them.

All of Wales

We love every corner and community of this land, in all of its beauty and brokenness. We're committed to working in Welsh and English as an expression of our heart for the whole nation.


A new day of gospel ambition calls for a new day of gospel collaboration - working together in big-hearted generosity, authentic friendship and mutual honouring.


We have a big God, so we dream big dreams about what He might do in our generation and are willing to take risks as we participate in His mission.


We want to see a gospel movement in our day that is both wide (reaching more people and places) and deep (forming Christlikeness in leaders and churches).

Our history

100 Churches, 10 years.
What would it take?